Easter Basket Ideas

What shall we put in our Easter basket this year? We have some fun Easter basket ideas that will please the entire family including yourself. As your beauty advisor, we will also help you add a beauty idea into those DIY Easter baskets you will be making for your loved ones. Easter Basket Ideas FirstlyContinue reading “Easter Basket Ideas”

Get Self Defense | Pepper Spray Now!

Self-defense never goes out of style. Use pepper spray, gel or other forms of safety you should always carry self defense with you at all times. Pepper spray is something you never want to think about, alone or in a group. Make sure to bring your pepper spray into a place you where you canContinue reading “Get Self Defense | Pepper Spray Now!”

Men’s Electric Shaver Top 3 Choices

When it comes to  men’s electric shaver, they are looking for a close shave from a top brand that will not pinch or bite. Men’s electric shaver come in many different brands. We will show you the top 3 brands. Top Men’s Electric Shaver As your beauty advisor we have polled many men to askContinue reading “Men’s Electric Shaver Top 3 Choices”

Best Silk Pillowcase For Skin And Hair

There are many pillowcases on the market, but most of them are not created for your hair and skin in mind, this silk pillowcase is! Best Pillowcase Made Of Silk For Both Skin And Hair As your beauty advisor, we have always encouraged a good night’s sleep with a good pillow and a real silk,Continue reading “Best Silk Pillowcase For Skin And Hair”

Best Treatment For Under Eye Bags

Have you ever woken up in the morning, went to look in the mirror and scared yourself with the reflection staring back at you with those baggy eyes? Yup, you know what we are talking about, don’t you! Get The Best Treatment for Under Eye Bags As your beauty advisor, we are here to helpContinue reading “Best Treatment For Under Eye Bags”

Selfie Stick Tripod Video Recording Needs

The selfie tripod video recording stick is compatible with most iPhones, Galaxy phones, Google phones and more for the year 2021. Selfie Stick Tripod For Your Video Recording Needs As your beauty advisor, we are so please to tell you about this product. We really like that this selfie stick is light weight and canContinue reading “Selfie Stick Tripod Video Recording Needs”

Best Dooney and Bourke Handbags

Check out Dooney & Bourke’s most popular style handbags for every occasion. We have them here for you just in time for the New Year. They come in all different styles and shapes, small and large. The one important thing to note is the quality designs and craftsmanship, which always become instant classics. This isContinue reading “Best Dooney and Bourke Handbags”

Updated Maxi Dresses Fashion

The updated maxi dresses are in fashion, and may be worn any time of the year, even for the holidays. On cooler days you could contrast the maxi dress with other colors and put on your favorite sweater with it. These fashionable dresses really wear nicely because they are versatile. The V neck accentuates theContinue reading “Updated Maxi Dresses Fashion”

New Fashion Winter Hats

Looking for a new fashion winter hat that will warm your head? A special and unique hat is perfect to wear with your favorite warm winter coat. Look no more! Check out these fantastic, new fashion winter hat items that are not only stylish but also useful in this cold winter’s weather. Who needs aContinue reading “New Fashion Winter Hats”

New Fashion Gold Jewelry

Because there is no better time to treat your loved one with a little glitter, than with the new fashion gold jewelry. Most importantly, she will love the sparkle and elegance of wearing precious gold and the glitter of diamond jewelry. As your beauty advisor, we are extremely pleased to show you these very precious,Continue reading “New Fashion Gold Jewelry”