How To Have The Longest Eyelashes

Eyelash shopping everyone wants has never been easier. With these new extra luxurious, full length, longest eyelashes everyone wants to wear them all year long. Don’t miss out on these special long-lasting lashes. As your beauty advisor, we can tell you how great these lashes look and feel when you wear them. There is noContinue reading “How To Have The Longest Eyelashes”

Best Red Lipstick For All Skin Types

Maybelline New York has created a satin red lipstick that has been tested on 50 skin tones, and looks sensational on all skin types. This MAYBELLINE NEW YORK lipstick is made with hone nectar, this lipstick has a smooth feel that is great on all complexions. As your beauty advisor we celebrate this collection forContinue reading “Best Red Lipstick For All Skin Types”

How To Use Anti Aging Concealer And Makeup

We can noticeably turn back the hands of time by using Maybelline’s anti aging concealer and Makeup. Anti Aging Concealer And Makeup Founded by Thomas Lyle Williams in Chicago in 1914 and based in New York City, Maybelline is an American personal care company.  Its parent organization subsidiary if of the French cosmetics company L’OréalContinue reading “How To Use Anti Aging Concealer And Makeup”

Hypoallergenic Eye shadow Palette

This is the newest hypoallergenic eye shadow for you. 10 pigment rich pallet we found that will keep your eyes from itching, tearing and burning. As your beauty advisor, we have chosen this hypoallergenic eye shadow to wear on our eyes all day long. We look for one that has rich pigmented shades to lastContinue reading “Hypoallergenic Eye shadow Palette”

Best Makeup Sponge Blender In 2021

Have you ever wondered how our friends who have those awesome makeup sponge blender use their sponge to blend their makeup on YouTube channel but never knew how to use it yourself? Years ago, we only had triangle sponges to blend out makeup, but now in the 2020s, companies have come up with even betterContinue reading “Best Makeup Sponge Blender In 2021”

Best Organic Lip Balm Moisturizer

This #1 organic lip balm is to provides the best barrier layer on the lip surface to moisture lips and protect them from outside exposure of elements. Dry air, cold temperatures, and wind all have a drying effect on the lips.  Those who are troubled with cracked, dry lips have found the Organic Earth ByContinue reading “Best Organic Lip Balm Moisturizer”

How To Find The Best Makeup Brush

The great way to find the best makeup brush is by looking at the bristle. When you see how long the metal is that is holding in the bristles, you will know how long the bristles are in your makeup brush. The longer the metal the higher quality your makeup brush is. As your beautyContinue reading “How To Find The Best Makeup Brush”

How To DIY Your Eyelash Tinting

When it comes to doing your own eyelash tinting, being a professional licensed aesthetician, and your beauty advisor we have been educated in which brand to safely apply to your eyelashes. Shhhhh… do not let your aesthetician know, that you know about this. DIY Your Eyelash Tinting NEVER, NEVER use hair dye!! Instead use theContinue reading “How To DIY Your Eyelash Tinting”

How To Blacklight Your Party

Having a blacklight that will show off your face painting products for your party will make your party a big success. Ship your last minute costume beauty products NOW. For other beauty needs please visit our list of categories. This year’s costume parties are sure to scare the begeebies out of all who attend, virtuallyContinue reading “How To Blacklight Your Party”

Costume Makeup Ideas For 2021

10 costume makeup Ideas and costumes for you try in 2021. Hurry and order your costume beauty products NOW. All of these creepy people are from Instagram pictures and boy are they talented goolies. We love them all and cannot pick our favorite. This year’s Halloween parties are sure to scare the begeebies out ofContinue reading “Costume Makeup Ideas For 2021”