Ceylon Cinnamon For Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

For thousands of years, Ceylon cinnamon has been prized for its important health benefits. This healthy spice maintains a healthy blood glucose, triglyceride, and cholesterol level, with the antioxidants content. As your beauty advisor, we not only care about your outer appearance, most importantly, we would also like to help you with the newest informationContinue reading “Ceylon Cinnamon For Healthy Blood Sugar Levels”

Best Aluminum Free Deodorant

There are many reasons to purchase aluminum free deodorant and only buy the best aluminum free deodorant that is safe and certified. Typically, a deodorant with aluminum in it has pleasant scents that stop you from becoming sticky, therefore you think it is safe for your body. Think again! Reasons To Stay Away From DeodorantsContinue reading “Best Aluminum Free Deodorant”

Best Silk Pillowcase For Skin And Hair

There are many pillowcases on the market, but most of them are not created for your hair and skin in mind, this silk pillowcase is! Best Pillowcase Made Of Silk For Both Skin And Hair As your beauty advisor, we have always encouraged a good night’s sleep with a good pillow and a real silk,Continue reading “Best Silk Pillowcase For Skin And Hair”

Best Natural Sleep Aid

What is the best way to naturally get a good night’s sleep with a natural sleep aid? If you are having trouble falling asleep naturally because of stress or anxiety, this can not only do harm to your skin, but it also could do harm to your physical and mental well being also. Best NaturalContinue reading “Best Natural Sleep Aid”

Best Treatment For Under Eye Bags

Have you ever woken up in the morning, went to look in the mirror and scared yourself with the reflection staring back at you with those baggy eyes? Yup, you know what we are talking about, don’t you! Get The Best Treatment for Under Eye Bags As your beauty advisor, we are here to helpContinue reading “Best Treatment For Under Eye Bags”

Breaking News: How To Do A Soothing Paraffin Dip For Your Hands And Feet

A paraffin dip for your Hands and feet is perfect for the winter months ahead when your hands and feet are driest.

How to use Glycolic Acid To Exfoliate Dead Skin

What is glycolic acid? It is a fruit acid such as, from oranges or lemons as an example. Glycolic acid a water-soluble fruit acid that exfoliates the outermost dead layer of the skin, helping our skin to regenerate a newer, brighter improvement to our skin. As your beauty advisor, we can tell you that, weContinue reading “How to use Glycolic Acid To Exfoliate Dead Skin”

❄️Breaking News: How To Use PCA Skin HQ-Free Serum | Hyperpigmentation Treatment

Hyperpigmentation is a real problem for many people. Today we will teach you how