❄️Gift Giving Made Easy This Holiday Season

As we head into the holidays, the last stress we want in our lives is to find the perfect gift for the ones we care about most. As your beauty advisor, we have tons of perfect beauty gifts from small portable easy to use products to professional beauty products to make you look great forContinue reading “❄️Gift Giving Made Easy This Holiday Season”

70 Ugliest Christmas Sweater Ideas

We have over 70 of the ugliest Christmas sweater styles, from many different makers. Tis the season to shop these special Holiday ugliest Christmas sweater you’ve always wanted to not wear. Ugliest Christmas Sweaters As your beauty advisor, we would like for you to have fun with some of these hideously funny and fun sweaters.Continue reading “70 Ugliest Christmas Sweater Ideas”

14 Christmas Tee Shirts

We have all 14 of the cutest Christmas Tee shirts style from many different makers, from Disney Christmas Tee shirt to Classic Ts. Come and check them out. Tis the season to shop those special Holiday Christmas Tee shirts you’ve always wanted to wear. 14 Christmas Holiday Ts As your beauty advisor, we are bringingContinue reading “14 Christmas Tee Shirts”

Calming Bath Bomb Spa Gift Set

Never go empty handed to a party again, instead give the gift all hosts and hostess will love to receive, a box of beautifully wrapped bath bomb spa gift set . Bath Bomb Gift Set As your beauty advisor, we recommend this token of gesture, to come with a gift as you enter the doorContinue reading “Calming Bath Bomb Spa Gift Set”

Best Amazon Luxury Beauty Favorites

We Have Your #1 Luxury Beauty Favorites including an aromatherapy soy candle, Olaplex, Opi, products and gel pillow and more from Amazon. We have asked a few companies which are their favorites. Some of them told us to keep an eye out in your email to see the favorites they are giving. My email wasContinue reading “Best Amazon Luxury Beauty Favorites”

Give Yourself A Papering Home spa Treatment

Enjoy your spa gift basket in your own home without having to drive miles away to a spa, while we demonstrate to you, how to give yourself a home spa treatment with your papering, luxury products. The Se SentiR eucalyptus and lavender aromatherapy, essential oil products promote a feeling of well-being from the moment youContinue reading “Give Yourself A Papering Home spa Treatment”

Best 15 Piece Women’s Luxury Bath Gift Set

Women, you have had a hard day with the hustle and bustle of the work, shopping, cooking or any of your daily activities and now it’s time to take a relaxing bath with your 15 Piece Women’s Luxury Bath Gift Set. As your beauty advisor, we would like to help your relax and soak yourContinue reading “Best 15 Piece Women’s Luxury Bath Gift Set”

Best Michael Kors Handbag

When traveling during the holidays, it’s nice to travel in style with the Best Michael Kors Handbag. The whole country was in lock down during summer, but did we listen to the shut down? No way! As your beauty advisor, we always advise to be safe when you travel. The holiday season is upon usContinue reading “Best Michael Kors Handbag”

❄️Overalls | Jumpsuit | Yoga pants

Tis the season to begin your gift shopping with something special that no one else has thought of. We bring you the newest fashion on the market. Overall Sweats called Swoveralls, that’s right, it has finally made it to America. I could not believe my eyes when I saw sweats come back in such aContinue reading “❄️Overalls | Jumpsuit | Yoga pants”

❄️Organic, Luxury Pampering, Spa Gift | Treatment For Men

Men will be incredibly happy after a hard day’s work, having a steaming warm bath, with all the luxuries of a spa gift treatment just waiting for him in the tub. Stress no more! This pampering gift treatment comes in a small suitcase, full of 7 pampering items your beauty advisor, will tell men howContinue reading “❄️Organic, Luxury Pampering, Spa Gift | Treatment For Men”