How To Rid Wrinkles With Radio Frequency

If you have been wanting to get rid of those fine lines and wrinkles, we have the perfect radio frequency treatment for you to use at home. For many years we in the skin care industry have had many miracle skin care devices available to us, everything except for radio Frequency. That machine was onlyContinue reading “How To Rid Wrinkles With Radio Frequency”

How To Use Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy

Remember when you had to pay $500 to get your hair straightened years ago? Times certainly have changed now that these Keratin Complex smoothing treatments are available to the public and can be used in your own home. As a hairstylist we had to get certified to use their products on our customers. Today, yourContinue reading “How To Use Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy”

Costume Makeup Ideas For 2021

10 costume makeup Ideas and costumes for you try in 2021. Hurry and order your costume beauty products NOW. All of these creepy people are from Instagram pictures and boy are they talented goolies. We love them all and cannot pick our favorite. This year’s Halloween parties are sure to scare the begeebies out ofContinue reading “Costume Makeup Ideas For 2021”

Breaking News: How To Use iRestore Laser Hair Re-Growth Treatment

With the new hair re-growth treatment, we show you how to use your FDA cleared iRestore laser system to help regrow your hair. Currently licensed in the hair professionals are extremely excited about this new hair regrowth hair loss treatment. We are asking the important question, could this be the cure for baldness for ourContinue reading “Breaking News: How To Use iRestore Laser Hair Re-Growth Treatment”

How To Go Platinum Blonde

We share with you everything you have ever wanted and needed to know about going platinum blonde and staying that way. How To Go Platinum Blonde The first thing you need to do is find the right hair stylist. Not every stylist has this kind of a skills to take you from your original colorContinue reading “How To Go Platinum Blonde”

27,000 Hairstylists Favorite Deep Conditioner

Over 27,000 hairstylists all over the country were asked, “What is your favorite deep conditioner treatment?” They answered and chose the Olaplex system as their number one favorite. Here are some other favorites that were chosen. Hairstylists Favorite Deep Conditioning Treatment In second place was b3 by Brazilian Bond Builder. Another favorite was Sebastian withContinue reading “27,000 Hairstylists Favorite Deep Conditioner”

Best Teen Gift Surprise Of 2021

Imagine your young teen child coming home to the best teen gift surprise of 2021. As your beauty advisor, we are please to introduce you to the the best teen gift with beauty brushes and makeup pallets to a complete array of beauty tools and products from head to toe. 2021 Best Teen Gift SurpriseContinue reading “Best Teen Gift Surprise Of 2021”

Best Teen Facial Cleanser For 2021

We have found the best teen cleansers for your teen in 2021. The most important teen skin product is your cleanser. At this age we need to begin a good skin care regiment of mild face cleansing. A daily teen facial cleanser is a must for a teen to gently remove dirt, oil, and impurities.Continue reading “Best Teen Facial Cleanser For 2021”

Best Teen Beauty Products For 2021

Girls need teen beauty products in 20201! What kind of beauty stuff do they need? They need it all of course. Teens are just now starting out, and they need everything better, cuter, and nicer than everyone of course. They are just now finding out who they are. Teen Beauty Products Let your beauty advisorContinue reading “Best Teen Beauty Products For 2021”

Best Teen Headbands In 2021

Girls love to wear their hair back with their teen headbands when they are in the middle of doing things. Teens are now becoming young adults and like to do things their own way. They love to be different from everyone and yet very stylish. Teen Headbands As your beauty advisor, we have tips forContinue reading “Best Teen Headbands In 2021”