Best Dooney and Bourke Handbags

Check out Dooney & Bourke’s most popular style handbags for every occasion. We have them here for you just in time for the New Year. They come in all different styles and shapes, small and large. The one important thing to note is the quality designs and craftsmanship, which always become instant classics. This isContinue reading “Best Dooney and Bourke Handbags”

Updated Maxi Dresses Fashion

The updated maxi dresses are in fashion, and may be worn any time of the year, even for the holidays. On cooler days you could contrast the maxi dress with other colors and put on your favorite sweater with it. These fashionable dresses really wear nicely because they are versatile. The V neck accentuates theContinue reading “Updated Maxi Dresses Fashion”

New Fashion Winter Hats

Looking for a new fashion winter hat that will warm your head? A special and unique hat is perfect to wear with your favorite warm winter coat. Look no more! Check out these fantastic, new fashion winter hat items that are not only stylish but also useful in this cold winter’s weather. Who needs aContinue reading “New Fashion Winter Hats”

Best Mustache Beard Supplies Men Love

The 10 mustache beard supplies men love to use for their personal care are these high-class grooming art form just wrapped up the newest collection of mustache and beard products for its 2021 collection. This is not for everyone, but it is fun to look at. As your beauty advisor, we hope you enjoy seeingContinue reading “Best Mustache Beard Supplies Men Love”

Shopping for Chunky | Boots, Shoes

If you are shopping for chunky shoes or boots, these new styles have just arrive and we have them now. Change the laces to fit your own style. Pink ribbon, blue or maybe purple fits your personality. As your beauty advisor, we invite you to check out these stylish hunky boots and shoes. They areContinue reading “Shopping for Chunky | Boots, Shoes”

Breaking News, 10 Halloween Make-up and Costume Ideas For 2020

Breaking News Beauty 10 Halloween Make-up Ideas and costumes for you try in 2020.

Costume Makeup Ideas For 2021

10 costume makeup Ideas and costumes for you try in 2021. Hurry and order your costume beauty products NOW. All of these creepy people are from Instagram pictures and boy are they talented goolies. We love them all and cannot pick our favorite. This year’s Halloween parties are sure to scare the begeebies out ofContinue reading “Costume Makeup Ideas For 2021”

Breaking News: How To Use iRestore Laser Hair Re-Growth Treatment

With the new hair re-growth treatment, we show you how to use your FDA cleared iRestore laser system to help regrow your hair. Currently licensed in the hair professionals are extremely excited about this new hair regrowth hair loss treatment. We are asking the important question, could this be the cure for baldness for ourContinue reading “Breaking News: How To Use iRestore Laser Hair Re-Growth Treatment”