Create A Professional Beauty Salon At Home

When opening up a professional beauty salon at home or having a mobile salon the most important thing is to be tooled up. Is it time to start thinking about creating your own salon at home? With many of the governors in each state not allowing stylist to work in a beauty salon, it mightContinue reading “Create A Professional Beauty Salon At Home”

Still Top Curling Iron In 2021

When it comes to the choice of top curling irons on the market, it has to be hands down… the Hot Tools iron. Let’s take a look at why this is. As your beauty advisor, we can tell you that in all the salons we have worked at, all top stylists use the Hot ToolsContinue reading “Still Top Curling Iron In 2021”

Best Hair Conditioner In 2021

Breaking News Beauty, has voted for the best hair conditioner on the market in 2021. Once you try this product, it will be hard to use another brand. As your beauty advisor we recommend and use the most in our salon the best conditioner on the market, the bottle called Richly Moisture. The company makesContinue reading “Best Hair Conditioner In 2021”

How To Find Headbands For Ages 3 and Up

Breaking News Beauty has helped you find headbands for ages 3 and up. Who doesn’t like dressing up with headbands? We know we do. As your beauty advisor, we have always loved wearing headbands since we were little girls. Our mother tied our long blonde hair with pretty ribbons and bows. You will see theContinue reading “How To Find Headbands For Ages 3 and Up”