How To Create A Professional Beauty Salon At Home Or Going Mobile

Is it time to start thinking about creating your own salon at home? With gas prices the way they are now, it might be time to start taking your clients home or doing their hair in their own homes. Home Beauty Salon There are many stylists that already have been doing hair at home, butContinue reading “How To Create A Professional Beauty Salon At Home Or Going Mobile”

Top Curling Iron On The Market

When it comes to the choice of top curling irons on the market, it has to be hands down… the Hot Tools iron. Let’s take a look at why this is. Curling Iron Being a hairstylist for over 40 years I can tell you that in all the salons I have worked at, all topContinue reading “Top Curling Iron On The Market”

Best Hair Conditioner on the Market

Hairstylist have voted for the best hair conditioner on the market…  Once you try this product, it will be hard to use another brand. There are hundreds of brands on the market. So what is so special about this brand? Conditioned Hair It’s perfect for hair that is hard to comb after shampooing and it’sContinue reading “Best Hair Conditioner on the Market”

Headbands For Ages 3 and Up

Headbands for ages 3 and up not only dress up what you are wearing but it may also keep the hair out of the eyes of little ones. Who doesn’t like dressing up with headbands? I know I do. Headbands I have always loved wearing headbands since I was a little girl. My mother tiedContinue reading “Headbands For Ages 3 and Up”