Give Yourself A Papering Home spa Treatment

Enjoy your spa gift basket in your own home without having to drive miles away to a spa, while we demonstrate to you, how to give yourself a home spa treatment with your papering, luxury products. The Se SentiR eucalyptus and lavender aromatherapy, essential oil products promote a feeling of well-being from the moment youContinue reading “Give Yourself A Papering Home spa Treatment”

Best 15 Piece Women’s Luxury Bath Gift Set

Women, you have had a hard day with the hustle and bustle of the work, shopping, cooking or any of your daily activities and now it’s time to take a relaxing bath with your 15 Piece Women’s Luxury Bath Gift Set. As your beauty advisor, we would like to help your relax and soak yourContinue reading “Best 15 Piece Women’s Luxury Bath Gift Set”

Best Spa Bath Treatment For Men

Men will be incredibly happy after a hard day’s work, having a steaming warm bath, with all the luxuries of a spa gift treatment just waiting for him in the tub. Stress no more! We have the best spa bath treatment for men right here waiting for you. Best Spa Treatment For Your Men AsContinue reading “Best Spa Bath Treatment For Men”

The Secret Organic Hair Color

Being one of the first beauty salons in Orange County California to use an organic hair color, many stylist  and clients ask Breaking News Beauty, which secret hair color line the salon uses. It’s really no secret. The problem with using this color line for the professional is, the company in NYC that Breaking NewsContinue reading “The Secret Organic Hair Color”

The Best Organic Skin Care Products In 2021

Being licensed aesthetician since 1977, we have many years of experience in the organic skin care products industry.   As your beauty advisor, we are going to teach you about the best organic skin care products for your type of skin and how to take care of your skin according to your skin type. CommonContinue reading “The Best Organic Skin Care Products In 2021”