Think Board Shorts are Just For Guys?

Did you think board shorts are just for guys? Absolutely not! Take a look at this classy beach wear bottoms. We have a couple of pairs of women’s bottoms that we love wearing to the pool or on the beach. After we are finished swimming, we can easily run into the local stores in theContinue reading “Think Board Shorts are Just For Guys?”

All About The Real Mermaid Swimsuit

Breaking News Beauty has been seeing this trendy real mermaid swimming in her neighborhood pool. Mermaids are no longer mythical creatures in folklore. As your beauty advisor we have noticed that mermaid swimsuits are all the rageĀ  here locally. Some mermaids swim in a school of mermaids while others swim alone. But each and everyContinue reading “All About The Real Mermaid Swimsuit”

What To Wear To The Beach In 2021

Get ready to have some fun in the sun. Pool, beach or in your own back yard, these styles are brand new for this years hot new looks. Get lots of vitamin D with fun summer dipping wear. As your beauty advisor, we have the breaking news on the new summer beach styles for menContinue reading “What To Wear To The Beach In 2021”