Updated Maxi Dresses Fashion

The updated maxi dresses are in fashion, and may be worn any time of the year, even for the holidays. On cooler days you could contrast the maxi dress with other colors and put on your favorite sweater with it. These fashionable dresses really wear nicely because they are versatile. The V neck accentuates theContinue reading “Updated Maxi Dresses Fashion”

Breaking News: All About The Mermaid Swimsuit

Breaking News Beauty has been seeing these trendy mermaids swimming in her neighborhood pools. Mermaid are no longer mythical creatures in folklore, They are all the rage locally. Some mermaids swim in a school of mermaids while others swim alone. But each and every mermaid you see in the water love to flap their fins.Continue reading “Breaking News: All About The Mermaid Swimsuit”

Breaking News: Waterproof Ideas | Swimming, Lake, Pool, Beach, Water Park

When you are in the need for waterproof ideas, you have come to the right place. Swimming at any public or private lake, beach, pool or even at the water park when they open back up, there are some things you don’t want getting wet, such as your phone, car keys, watch, shoes. We haveContinue reading “Breaking News: Waterproof Ideas | Swimming, Lake, Pool, Beach, Water Park”