What You Need For travel During Covid

While you travel during Covid, you will be needing more things than normal. The usual plugs and power cords are a must, but during Covid, it’s important to take some precautions for a safer travel trip. Make sure when you plan your trip to research the area you with be driving to. Check for roadContinue reading “What You Need For travel During Covid”

Best Face Shield For Travel

Let’s face it, we can’t travel anywhere without having to wear a face shield, that includes trains, planes and cruises. If your looking for something that is easy to wear, comfortable, and stylish and filtered check out what’s on the market right now. As your beauty advisor, we would like to share with you theContinue reading “Best Face Shield For Travel”

What To Pack In Your Carry On Luggage

The easiest way to travel with carry on luggage is to have the right kind of containers. We used to have a very large bag that we put everything into. But when we put it into our luggage it took up half the space. As your beauty advisor, we knew it was time to consolidate.Continue reading “What To Pack In Your Carry On Luggage”