How To Lessen Wrinkles With Radio Frequency

If you have been wanting to lessen those fine lines and wrinkles, we have the perfect radio frequency treatment for you to use at home.

For many years we in the skin care industry have had many miracle skin care devices available to us, everything except for Radio Frequency. That machine was only available to doctor around the country. And it was awfully expensive. But as we all know, with time the price comes down. And it has finally happened to the radio frequency machine as well.

 Lessen Wrinkles/ Fade Dark Spots / Treat Acne

With Radio Frequency At Home

As your beauty advisor we are here to teach you how to use your new device.

This device is multi-functional and comes with-

EMS ~ Electrical Muscle Stimulator ~ Improves skin elasticity.

RF ~ Radio frequency ~ Improves saggy skin by stimulating collagen production.

Sonic Vibration ~ Increases facial muscle tone through micro massage.

LED ~ Light Therapy ~ Relaxes and restores skin.

LED Anti-aging Light Therapy

Red-light Wavelength– excretes collagen to firm and smooth texture of your skin.

Green-light Wavelength– Anti-ageing, smooths wrinkles and fine lines.

LED Skin Fading Light Therapy

Yellow-light Wavelength– Fade dark spots, freckles, and blemishes.

LED Improve Acne Light Therapy

Blue-light Wavelength– Improves sensitive skin, improve acne.

Cyan-light Wavelength– Mitigate inflammation, neutralize and stabilize skin, improve acne .

Purple-light Wavelength– improve lymph metabolic rate, micro-circulation, improve acne.

We have someone in our area charging $800 for this treatment in their salon.

Each device has a control to the intensity of penetration to administer to your skin. Never start off on the highest level, instead work your way up slowly each week you use your machine. With the light therapy program, you will begin to see results in as little as two weeks.


Anti-aging Routine

Your daily beauty routine treatment time, the first week is 10 minutes.

After your first week, we suggest 1 minute for each color you use for the next three weeks.

After four weeks we suggest 1 minute each color, once a month, for maintenance.

Skin Fading Routine

Your daily beauty routine treatment time, the first week is 10 minutes.

After your first week, we suggest 1 minute daily with your yellow light wavelength until your fading is at a desired level.

After that,  we suggest 1 minute use weekly, for maintenance.

Acne & Sensitive Skin Routine

Your daily beauty routine treatment time, the first week is 10 minutes.

After your first week, we suggest 1 minute daily use with each color light wavelength you use, until your face clears.

When skin clears, you may use each color light wavelength weekly for maintenance.

When acne spot returns repeat daily beauty routine treatment.


We recommend moving your device gently along your skin, starting on your forehead, under eyes, working down to each side of your face, and finishing under your chin. The device manufacturer informs you to work the machine down the side of your throat, but we do not recommend this to our clients. We recommend you stop just under your jaw line. Why, you may ask? It’s because of those lymph nodes on the sides of our neck. They should not be electronically stimulated by any machine.

You may put serums and creams on your face before using this device but it is unnecessary.

It is easier to keep your device clean if you use your products after you use your device.

This device easily slides on the face without any products.

This multi-function device will make a perfect gift

for yourself or your favorite person.

Remember to shop early to avoid the rush of this product.

Update on this product.

We have been seeing great results in just one week’s use (especially tightening the neck and jowl area) using the red and green light function. Here are some other testimonials from this product on Amazon.

Note: You will always see other kinds of testimonials from people who don’t know how to use the device or who think they are experts. Please ignore those people. We have been licensed aestheticians for over 40 years and can tell you that these people need to educate themselves before writing reviews. We are only sharing the good reviews of this product. If you write a review of this product on our website, we may share your review too.

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